3 Reasons to Add Plants to Your Next South Florida Event

From real estate agents to wedding planners, any seasoned event professional knows that a space’s vibe and ambiance play a vital role in guests’ experiences and impressions. 

There’s no doubt that furniture, acoustics, and lighting are all essential pieces of the puzzle. That said, if container plants for events aren’t on your list of production considerations, you’re missing a huge opportunity to enhance the experience for guests, whether it’s a trade show booth, corporate gala, or real estate open house. 

Why? Three reasons: Function, prestige, and positive impact. 

This post will dive deeper into these reasons and explain how lush plants can make a difference in taking your South Florida event from good…to great. 

#1: Function: Enhance Event Spaces with Natural Elements

Think of plants as helpful building blocks when it comes to planning events. Beyond the obvious benefit of leveling up the aesthetic of an event, they also play many important functional roles.

Here are a few ways container plants help functionally enhance event spaces:

They create intimate spaces. Maybe you want to transform a large, impersonal venue into something more inviting for guests. The strategic placement of container plants can help break up the space into smaller, cozier areas, encouraging conversations and connections to flow easily. 

indoor plant designs

Plantique provides plants for school graduations each year, such as the one featured above. The addition of the container plants converts the large, cold auditorium into a warm, intimate, and celebratory space. 

They increase the sense of privacy and separation. Plants can serve as natural barriers that create a sense of privacy or delineate different areas within an event, such as creating secluded spots in open-plan venues or separating booths at trade shows. 

They help define spaces. An orchid in the bathroom or a potted tree in the corner of a real estate open house can give prospective buyers a sense of the height of the ceiling or the width of the counters. 

They provide aesthetic appeal. With the proper plant selection and arrangements, you can complement an event’s theme, enhance the venue’s beauty, or block off unsightly areas.

indoor plant architecture

For example, Lilly Pulitzer hired Plantique for a short-term event rental at the Gardens Mall in West Palm Beach. Adding our container plants helped create a functional space inside the busy mall—while also appealing to and matching the brand’s aesthetics.

Curious to learn more about how we enhance South Florida events with interior plant design? Check out our Event Rentals page

#2: Prestige: Elevate Your Event's Branding with Plants

Plants are often seen as symbols of luxury, wealth, and prosperity. Strategically including them in events can help reflect a company or institution’s success and attention to detail, enhancing the overall brand image.

It’s hard to top lush greenery and fresh flowers when you’re looking to provide a certain level of sophistication, and the right biophilic design can bring out the best of any venue, ensuring a lasting impression on anyone who attends.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to plant size, color, texture, and shape—allowing you to customize based on your brand’s unique aesthetic.

living plant wall design

For example, Aqua Grille, a contemporary South Florida restaurant, came to Plantique seeking to instill an upscale coastal feel in its interior plant design. Our experts incorporated the local area’s natural elements in the resulting design to bring their vision to life. Their patrons now dine amongst snake plants and fiddle leaf figs, a classy and uniquely South Florida environment!

#3: Positive Impact: The Psychological and Environmental Benefits of Plants at Events

Connection and closeness to nature provide many benefits to any environment, even temporary and short-term ones. 

Plants and flowers have a positive physical and mental effect on attendees, making for a more enjoyable and memorable event. Studies have shown that biophilic design and the inclusion of plants in spaces where people live, work, and play:

  • Increases oxygen in a room
  • Improves mood & feeling of well-being
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Improves health
  • Increases mental restoration & reduces fatigue

For example, real estate agents often include plants at their open houses to appeal to potential homebuyers and make them feel more at peace and happy when in the space.

Humans aren’t the only ones who benefit: choosing live plants over disposable decor reduces your brand’s environmental footprint, appealing to eco-conscious customers and clients.

Practical Considerations for Incorporating Plants into Your Event

Now that we’ve covered why you need plants for events, let’s discuss the how. Adding container plants into your plan on the fly isn’t the best idea. Interior plant design is truly an art, and there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind, such as:

  • Selection and placement matter. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to plants for events. To achieve maximum impact, select plants that complement your brand and place them where they can thrive. 
  • Don’t skimp on maintenance and care. The last thing you want to worry about as an event producer and organizer is the ongoing maintenance and care of live plants. Hiring a rental service helps you avoid the complexities of plant care.  
  • Integrate with the event design. Whether you’re selecting plants for banquets or graduations, avoid plant decor that clashes with the overall event design. Don’t forget to take into account both interior and exterior setups to ensure a consistent experience throughout the event. 
  • Avoid high upfront costs and tricky logistics: Using a professional service alleviates the high upfront costs of purchasing plants and containers. Plus, you don’t have to worry about additional logistics, such as what to do with the plants after the event. 

So, there you have it. From functional uses and brand elevation to positive psychological and environmental impacts, adding plants to your upcoming South Florida events has numerous benefits.

If you’re planning events and looking for experts in interior plant design, we’re here to help.

At Plantique, we work with you to create one-off branded plant and floral installations that showcase the uniqueness of your brand, from corporate events and retail product launches to weddings and graduations.

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