Commercial Services

Our plants are proudly found in a wide range of industries from North Miami to Port St. Lucie. Our services range from an in-person consultation, to Design & Install, to weekly plant maintenance. From corporate offices to hotels, restaurants, retail spaces, healthcare facilities, and more, we cater to your unique plant needs in the commercial sector.

Creating Welcoming Environments

Biophilic Design That Leaves More than a Lasting Impression

Humans have an inherent connection with nature. It’s why we feel better after a walk in the woods or a visit to the beach. Biophilic Design embraces this connection by bringing the natural world indoors. The results are astounding and have been embraced around the world.

  • Placing small plants within close sight contributed to psychological stress reduction across the board. (Science Daily)
  • ‘Green’ offices with plants make staff happier and more productive than ‘lean’ designs stripped of greenery, new research shows. (Science Daily)
  • Indoor plants can boost positive emotions, reduce negative feelings, and relieve physical discomfort. (MDPI)

With 40 years’ experience in Biophilic Design, Plantique has the expertise needed to make your interior plant design vision a reality. No vision, but still want the positive impact of plants? No problem! We design to your needs and provide a plant maintenance program tailored to you.

Our Capabilities

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Custom Design

We meet with our clients in their spaces so we can create a personalized plant design that takes into consideration your space’s needs. Our experience ensures that once our premium quality plants from our trusted nurseries are installed, they will thrive.

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Corporate Plant Rentals

Looking for a cost-effective entry into Biophilic Design? Rent your plants and containers for several years. Enjoy all the benefits of plants in your space and our guaranteed maintenance program without the purchase commitment!

Plant Maintenance

Place your plants in our trusted plant maintenance program, ensuring they will thrive under our skilled horticultural technician’s care. Our plant maintenance programs are where our clients discover the greatest value in our services.


Custom Creations to Achieve Your Desired Results

From simple minimalism to lush jungles, we love to create high impact plant designs that align with your intention and budget. Our work is found across the commercial sector of Port St. Lucie, Martin, Palm Beach, and Broward County. Each client’s space is treated as a unique opportunity we are grateful to enhance with Biophilic Design.

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Kind Words


Plant + Boutique = Plantique

Our focus at Plantique is to use interior plants to transform ordinary spaces into a captivating oasis. More than just transforming spaces, we strive to provide a concierge-like experience for our clients. Nurturing client relationships is just as important as nurturing the plants we care for. The more clients we positively impact, the farther biophilic design will spread. We hope to continue to spread our passion and help educate South Florida so everyone can realize the benefits of bringing plants indoors.

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