Corporate Plant Rentals

Looking for a cost-effective entry for Biophilic Design? Rent your plants and containers for either one or two years. Enjoy all the benefits of plants in your office space and our guaranteed maintenance program without the commitment of purchasing them!


Corporate Plant Rentals

Just like you can rent office furniture and printers, you can rent your plants and containers too! Our office rental program allows you to build the cost of plants, containers, and maintenance into your budget instead of justifying an upfront cost. Our one- and two-year rentals can be completely tailored to you and are the most convenient way to add plants to your space.  

We can either tailor our design to your budget or we can design first then help you set a budget. First, we will meet in your space to discuss your needs and environmental factors. We will then take what we learned from our discussion to tailor a rental program to you.

Our Guarantee Maintenance is automatically included in corporate rentals. You get to enjoy the benefit of live plants without the concern of caring for them. When the plant has outgrown it’s space we will replace it at no additional cost to you.

We aim to provide our clients with the most enjoyable plant rentals possible. We also understand that circumstances change. If during your rental, you want to add plants and containers to a space, we are happy to help! We also understand that offices move, if your office moves within our service territory (Port St. Lucie to North Miami) we are happy to assist in the move and continue the rental in your new space.

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Innovative Creations, Large or Small

40 years in business means we have plenty of experience with all project sizes and commercial industry sectors. We appreciate each opportunity and strive to deliver a unique design for each client. Take a look at our work! 


1 or 2 years. Set up a meeting with one of our designers if you are looking for more of a short term option.

Absolutely, if you already have containers we are happy to rent just the plants. Our rental programs are tailored to your needs.

We do have a minimum, but we also have options to help maintain costs. Such as at times we have lightly used containers available which can help maximize the number of plants we can add while staying in your budget. Talk to one of our designers to see if this may work for you.

We are happy to add orchids into a corporate rental. This is a great way to elevate your space.

We do at times rent artificial. Set up an appointment with a designer to see if this could work for you.