Residential Services

Our plants are proudly found in a wide range of homes, private estates, yachts, and condos from North Miami to Port St. Lucie. Our services range from an in-person consultation, to Design & Install, to biweekly/weekly plant maintenance. Whether seasonal or year-round, we build and maintain each relationship through our professionalism and discretion.


Plantscapes That Make You Feel At Home

At Plantique, we realize the importance of your personal space. We enjoy taking the time to work with you to tailor our designs and maintenance to your needs. Each residence has unique focuses such as privacy, design, or atmosphere that our 40 years’ experience caters to help find the best solutions for. Most importantly our designs and service help our clients find a more peaceful mindset when at home.

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Our Capabilities

biophilic design for residential homes

Custom Design

Our expert team will assess your space, create a personalized plant design plan and source premium quality plants from our trusted nurseries.

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Plant Maintenance

Our plant maintenance packages are tailored to your needs and ensure your plants will thrive. With either weekly or biweekly service visits, you will likely find you look forward to your horticulture technician’s visit.

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Seasonal Rentals

Our seasonal rental option is tailored to your time spent in South Florida. Your plants will be installed before you arrive and picked up after you depart. Leaving you stress free during the summer months.


Custom Creations to Compliment Your Space

From formal entries to causal Patioscapes, we love to create unique designs for your personal space. No living room is too big, and no balcony is too small.

Kind Words


Plant + Boutique = Plantique

Our focus at Plantique is to use interior plants to transform ordinary spaces into captivating oasis. More than just transforming spaces, we strive to provide a concierge-like experience for our clients. Nurturing client relationships is just as important as nurturing the plants we care for. The more clients we positively impact, the farther biophilic design will spread. We hope to continue to spread our passion and help educate South Florida so everyone can realize the benefits of bringing plants indoors. 

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