Custom Design & Installation

Where your design needs are met through plants. Work with our team to find bring life into your space or find a solution for challenges like privacy for your residential space.  From patio-scapes to orchid displays, we collaborate closely with you to create an impactful environment that truly reflects your vision.


Professional Biophilic Design

Take advantage of our expertise to maximize your intentions for plants in your home. Our team will help you navigate your needs to find the right plant for your space. It can also be challenging to interpret light and understand environmental factors that will affect your plants. Our team loves what we do and has the knowledge to ensure you have an enjoyable experience. Once the design is set, let us handle the installation. We’ll willingly traverse the stairs, wait for the elevator, and move the heavy plants and containers for you.  We want to help you get it right the first time and ensure you are receiving premium quality plants at a fair price.

We start with a visit to your home to assess environmental factors and your needs. We will walk through your space with you to understand how you use your home and to gather pictures for your design proposal. Our designers will then use their expertise and your direction to create a unique design for you. We will then convey plants and containers though a visual proposal to help you envision the space. 

Your plants are handpicked at our trusted nurseries for premium quality and health. Before they are delivered to you, we use organic measures to prevent pests and disease.  Each plant is then hand cleaned, and the leaves polished to bring out their natural shine. Containers are received and checked for damage or defects. Your space and our equipment will be prepped for protection on the day of the installation. We then use our expertise to install each plant appropriately, ensuring it will remain upright and set up for success. Our final step is to use a decorative top dressing for your plant to complete the look. 

To continue to receive the best experience with your plants, we recommend using our plant maintenance program. Our guaranteed maintenance program will ensure your plants always look their best or we will replace them at no cost to you. Seasonal rentals include guaranteed maintenance on foliage.

interior design inspired by nature

Innovative Creations, Large or Small

At Plantique Florida, we thrive on working hand in hand with our clients to craft remarkable spaces. Whether you want to create a large focal point or add small natural additions to your space, our designers provide expert advice, inspiration and the finest plants to ensure that your desired plantscape becomes a stunning reality.