Plant Maintenance

Our plant maintenance programs hold the greatest value to our clients. Each is tailored to your needs and can be applied to plants you purchased through Plantique or the plants you already own. Our professional and discreet horticulture technicians will care for your plants weekly or biweekly. When your plants outgrow their space, our team will replace them at no additional cost to you. 


Plant Care By Professionals

We work to tailor your plant maintenance program to your needs. Our entire team at Plantique is trained in the proven practices (from 40 years’ experience) of horticultural and client care. We pride ourselves on going the extra step. You can trust the gate will be closed and your privacy will be respected. By entrusting us with your plant maintenance, you can relax and enjoy the benefits of biophilic design through live plants. 

Our horticultural technician will visit your space either weekly or biweekly depending on environmental factors and your requirements. Please let us know if there are any time restrictions you would like us to work around.  During their visit your horticultural technician will provide the following care.

  • Watering
  • Pruning away dying leaves
  • Polishing the leaves
  • Rotating the plant for adequate light exposure
  • Clean the container
  • Treat for pests
  • Assess when to replace the plant

Our Horticultural Technicians are not only trained in which nutrition is most appropriate for the plant and circumstance but also the correct timing for the application. This training is essential in helping us maximize the plants’ growth, appearance, and longevity in your space. If you have any concerns about the products we use, just ask your horticulture technician, they are trained to safely select and apply the nutrient.  

We take the most organic approach possible to pest and disease management. Although we aim to provide the highest quality plants possible, pests and disease can be inevitable because interior plants do not have the benefit of rain to wash their problems away. There for we aim to prevent pests and disease by treating every plant that we install. The most important part to remember is the pests and disease do not afflict you or your guests, they are strictly a burden to the plant.

Easing The Hassle of Plant Care

Maintaining healthy and thriving plants can be challenging and time-consuming. By partnering with Plantique Florida, you can be confident that your plants will receive the necessary care and attention to flourish. Our knowledgeable team has the expertise to assess plant health, identify potential issues, and implement effective solutions. 


This is entirely dependent on the environmental circumstances and your needs. Our services are offered either weekly or biweekly. 

Yes, your people can absolutely water the plants, our service is not mandatory. The value in our service is knowing for certain your plants will be cared for correctly and when your interior plants outgrow their space we will replace them at no charge to you. 

It is easy to forget plants are alive and growing. A plant will slowly start to change appearance as it lives in your space. Maybe it grows too big? Maybe it drops a few leaves? Maybe it gets roughed up by a passersby? The reasons for the change are endless. Our guarantee program replaces plants before any of this becomes your concern.

We are not talking about common household pests: ants, mosquitos, or worse… The pests that affect interior plants are typically so small they go unnoticed. The problem is they use the plant as their food source which when left untreated will kill the plant. They have absolutely no interest in you.