Seasonal Rentals

Only living in Florida part time? Our seasonal rental program is tailored to you. Enjoy your plants when you are in town without the hassle of maintaining them while you are gone. Let Plantique handle the rest and feel at peace knowing everything is stowed correctly until your return. 


Seasonal Plant Care By Professionals

Our seasonal plant rental service offers homeowners a hassle-free solution to enjoy the benefits of plants only while they are in town. With our expertise, we provide a seamless experience from design and installation to maintenance and removal. With flexible rental terms tailored to your stay, you can enhance your space with plants during the times you are here to enjoy them, creating a welcoming and refreshing atmosphere for you and your guests. 

Set up an appointment with one of our experienced designers to discuss your expectations and the environmental factors of your space. We will work with you to design a stunning plant layout that complements your space. We then handle the seamless installation and professional setup at the beginning of the season and take care of the hassle-free removal process once the season ends. 

Your seasonal rental includes our comprehensive maintenance and care for the plants throughout the season. This includes regular watering, pruning, fertilizing, and pest control to keep the plants healthy and vibrant. Our experts handle all necessary tasks to ensure your plants look their best, even offering the option to swap them out if needed. 

In town for season want to add your beloved Begonias, Petunias, and other delicate flowering plants that can’t handle the summer heat? We are happy to do this for you! We share your love for flowering plants and love to add them to our clients’ spaces during the cooler months. 

orchid arrangements

Beautiful Plants When You Need Them

We love to be the ones to welcome back our seasonal residences from Fort Pierce to North Miami. See how we welcome you home to your space with live plants and biophilic design that is tailored to the length of your stay. 


Absolutely, it is never too late to add plants. Our seasonal rental program can be tailored to the length of your stay then adjusted for the next year. 

Call us. We will pick everything up once you have left or we will reinstall everything before your arrival. Communication is key as we aim to accommodate your timeline. 

Yes, we love designing Patioscapes as each one is completely unique. 

Yes, please set up a design consult so we can tailor a program to your needs.